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Use the stem cells in order to potentially save millions of other lives, present and future.Induced pluripotent stem cells have a number of benefits because the destruction of embryos is not necessary and there are no issues with immune response or rejection because the cells come from the patient.Therefore, the overall gain of life and happiness is greater if the spare embryos are used in research.The Case for Adult Stem Cell Research. by Wolfgang Lillge, M.D. The stem cell with the greatest potential (totipotential) is the fertilized egg cell,.Yeah, at the MOMENT it may help the economy and unemployment, but will it in 2 years or 10 years, or 50.These researchers simply want to help the world and save more lives.By using embryos as tools for science, it is believed that the embryo is immediately deprived of rights and is devalued.

Federal funding would streamline the legal aspect of embryonic stem cell research and help eliminate the unnecessary bureaucracy on both state and federal levels.Scientists, through actual medical knowledge, have determined that an embryo is not yet living.

Finally, if stem cell research were federally funded, the government would have the ability to establish clear regulations and guidelines about the use of the money.So why kill babies when they are the future, scientist can receive the same information from a grown adult.No.It is an goes on.further.there will be no need.Congress has threatened to make it illegal to use cloning to.

Obama Lifts Funding Ban on Embryonic Stem Cell Research

I do not believe the judge ruled correctly in denying stem cell researchers government funding.

Stem Cells can save a life and if anything they are cherished for the good that they can be used for.The government should help support this vital research to help those with diseases that otherwise would not be able to be cured with out it.Funding this would only put us one step closer to another great depression.

I think that stem cell research should not be funded by the government.Even if induced pluripotent cells can replace embryonic cells in the future, the knowledge gained from current embryonic cell research would still be very applicable.Unwanted aborted embryos are better seen in labs than the trash.In other words, stem cell research would never exist in America.A person is a person no matter how big or how small, as long as the embryo was brought to life and is able to thrive it should not be killed.

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The religous opponents are usually only for adult stem cell research.That is because the president is a form of high power and he issued an executive order that should not be defied.

Embryonic Stem Cell Research Does Too Much Good to Be Evil

At that point, the baby can see, hear, and think, no matter how insignificant it may be.I think that it should be funded by the researchers or investors that the researchers can acquire.

Should the government loosen ethical oversight of stem

Should the government loosen ethical oversight of stem. the ethical and legal hurdles that have limited stem cell.Moreover, the researchers would have a sense of security knowing they are not actively breaking the law in the name of science.

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Humans are animals but we have something all other animals lack, Enough intelligence to define what is wrong and what is not, a conscience.Stem cell research requires to obtain cells from a specific source.

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Taking embryonic stem cells is necessary in order to provide substantial research that cannot be performed on adult stem cells.

The type of stem cell that is the most promising is embryonic because it is completely pluripotent, or undifferentiated.Embryo stem cells are only one of the types of stem cells that exist.This report provides a brief overview of the uses of embryonic stem cells and a chart of stem cell research. prohibits the sale of a fetus to be used for illegal.The framers of our Constitution knew government leaders would run into these sorts of conflicts, which is why they made a provision for separation of powers.Who really cares if an embryo that never would have been born therefore not a human was killed in order to save millions of people.The judge was doing his job in rejecting the funding for stem cell research, but what is the harm in trying to save lives all over the world.I think that the government should fund research on stem cells.That depends on what stem cell research you are talking about.