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All fields need data scientists You want to use data to advance the industry or field you are most passionate about.The Duke University Master in Interdisciplinary Data Science (MIDS) is home for creative problem-solvers who want to use data strategically to advance society.

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Due to our comprehensive approach, our application process requires applicants with primarily quantitative backgrounds to demonstrate their commitment to excelling in the problem-solving, communication, and team-building aspects of data science.The report identified areas that can be addressed through a faculty-run Bass Connections research project, and EHDi is supporting the development of this research team.Duke University Social Science Research Institute SSRI Information Initiative at Duke IID Why Interdisciplinary Data Science.We partner with groups on campus and in the community in evaluation program development.

Bass Connections provides both graduate and undergraduate students with greater exposure to inquiry across the disciplines, partnership with unlikely fellow thinkers, sustained mentorship in teams and the chance to experience the intersections of the academy and the broader world.They are both senior fellows at the Freeman Spogli Institute for.Carolina Abecedarian Project (ABC) and the Carolina Approach to Responsive Education (CARE), Age 21 Follow Up Study.Dania Francis broadly studies the fields of labor economics and.Drug Use Among Young American Indians: Epidemiology and Prediction.Anyone interested in advancing their career or changing career paths by developing interdisciplinary skills is encouraged to apply.The Penn Social Science and Policy Forum is the university hub for scholarly research on key social,. social sciences, with the Social Science.

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Children at Risk in the Child Welfare System: Collaborations to Promote School Readiness.

Effective data scientists need depth and breadth Data scientists who have proficiency in diverse ways of thinking and deep content expertise innovate most effectively.Duke Institute for Brain Sciences (DIBS) (1) Duke Network Analysis Center (DNAC) (1).

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At its demonstration site, PAGE serves girls in Madison County, North Carolina, in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains.

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About SSRI We bring together researchers with interests in social and behavioral science research areas and assist faculty and students working on important social.

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The Duke Initiative on Survey Methodology is an interdisciplinary initiative located within the Social Science Research Institute in Gross Hall at Duke University.National Institute of Mental Health Collaborative Psychiatric Epidemiology Surveys (CPES).In our partnerships, we emphasize the value of informed program improvement and collaborative partnership processes.The Duke University Master in Interdisciplinary Data Science.MIDS is open to all applicants who demonstrate a passion for data analysis, a mastery of analytical reasoning, an aptitude for learning quantitative and technical skills, and compelling academic or professional achievement.. et al./Science. Pizer at Duke University says research like this at least brings a. to determine something called "the social cost of...

National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health (Add Health).

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MIDS combines rigorous computational and technical training with field knowledge and repeated practice in critical thinking, teamwork, communication, and collaborative leadership to generate data scientists who can add value to any field.Welcome to the Website for the Duke Health Institutional Review Board. and Duke.Critical thinking about real problems Practice applying data science concepts to contemporary problems throughout the two years of the curriculum, so that you graduate being able to think through any computational challenge logically and methodically.We welcome applicants of any age and background, including (but not limited to) recent college graduates with quantitative majors, database engineers who have been in the IT field for years, government professionals who want to integrate data science into federal or local offices, and journalists who want to incorporate data mining into their investigative skills.We anticipate many of our students will have work experience, but it is not required.

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All MIDS students complete a set of eight core courses that cover critical topics in statistics, machine learning, database management, data wrangling, data communication, analytical thinking, team management, and ethics.The Social Science Research Institute at Duke University is a part of Interdisciplinary Studies at Duke University.

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National Center for Early Development and Learning Multistate Study of Pre-Kindergarten.

She received her B.S. in Chemistry from the Rochester Institute of. by the Science Fiction Research Association for.Non-citizens residing in the U.S. are encouraged to apply early as well.PAGE offers innovative learning opportunities for girls in grades 6-9, a mentoring program for 9th grade girls, and high school internships for rural girls with college dreams.Collaboration across disciplines Graduate knowing how to work with any kind of group, and being able to explain the actionable significance of analyses to any kind of audience.