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These are often revealed through the madness of the characters and the theme of madness throughout the play.The Two characters are so similar in many ways they should be considered as a unit.He was only feigning madness to further his own plans for revenge.

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The text of Hamlet gives wonderful primary source material on the construction of women during the period.His actions and thoughts are a logical response to the situation in which he finds himself.He rehearses his pretended madnesss first with Ophelia, for even if he should fail there in his act of simulation, that failure will not cause him any real harm.As Lord Hamlet s ghost says, Murder most foul, as in the best it is (1.5.33).Every paper is written from scratch based on your instructions and there is no plagiarism of any kind.In William Shakespeare s Hamlet, Hamlet vows to avenge his father s death at the hands of Claudius, however, he procarastinates throughout the play and doesn t seek revenge until the end, when Hamlet finally acts by his instincts, and kills his father s murderer.Her father tells her to stay away from Hamlet, whom she has much affection for.

Love, control over action, and the ability to overcome depression are just a few ways to prove maturity.The most obvious and frequently repeated of these conflicts had to do with revenge.

Did he really have the courage to kill the king or was it madness.Often times our feelings of unfairness and anger cloud our reasoning.In Hamlet, the character of Hamlet is immature, and as a result indecisive.After Hamlet has discovered the truth about his father, he goes through a very traumatic period, which is interpreted as madness by readers and characters.

He may have been depressed and angry however this was due to the treachery and betrayal contaminating Denmark.He has experienced many things that might make one think he has gone crazy, for example, his father s murder, killing Polonius accidentally, and his mother s abrupt remarriage.His flaw is that he is overly concerned with death and tragedy.

Is someone mad merely because they are different, and do they in return see the same about the world.Certainly Hamlet has plenty of reasons to be insane at this point.The Tragedy of Hamlet In Hamlet, by William Shakespeare, the death of a character becomes a frequent event.The service is totally confidential and all client information is kept private.

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Hamlet, (during the play) goes through some very troubling situations in which he seems to act in an insane manner.In the beginning, Hamlet and Ophelia are sane, but as the play progresses, Shakespeare slowly shows how their minds deteriorate and how Hamlet goes crazy.

William Shakespeare makes this point abundantly clear in his play Hamlet.Humans are strongly influenced by both their beliefs and their emotions, and as such, they adapt easily to character developments.

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Read this English Essay and over 87,000 other research documents. Hamlet. There are many theories to why Hamlet, who plays the prince in the tragedy, Hamlet, delays.One of these themes that can be seen throughout the play is the way characters appear as one thing, and really are different in their actions at different times.Although Hamlet and Ophelia are the only characters thought to be so afflicted, the reactions of other characters to this madness mirrors their own preoccupations.Hamlet has fallen in love with Ophelia after the death of his father.Thus, the natural state of mankind revolves, as does a garden.

For example, once Laertes discovers his father has been murdered Laertes immediately assumes the slayer is Claudius.Essays from BookRags provide great ideas for Hamlet essays and paper topics like Essay.Hamlet's Treatment of Ophelia and Gertrude Modern folklore suggests women look at a man's relationship with his mother to predict how they will treat other women...True that is one outcome of his revenge, but that is not all.Not only did waiting affect Hamlet s life, but it touchedeveryone around him.

Many portions of the play supports his loss of control in his actions, while other parts.In the tragedy Hamlet, each of the main characters explains Hamlets madness in their own unique way.One of the possible reasons for the intense recognition of this play is the way Shakespeare uses Hamlet to illustrate the complex workings of the mind, and how one must use deception in order to deceive others to get to the truth.The sum of all these actions result in her feeling such distress that she becomes mentally ill.The question of Hamlet s insanity is a question raised by many people, is Hamlet a great actor, or has he lost complete sense of what s real.His plan to act insane provides him with the means with which to act and speak in ways which would, under normal circumstances, not be tolerated.

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This act enrages Laertes who then desires to avenge his fathers death by slaughtering Hamlet.

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Hamlet is such a complex character that one must look deeply to find what drives him.He is also indirectly responsible for the deaths of these characters.Should Hamlet lose everything while his uncle controls what should be his.To discover the cause behind the madness of Hamlet, each character used their own ambitions, emotions and interpretations of past events.

Hamlet s flaw and his mad personality led to the death of several people, including his mother and the King of Denmark.The death of the king also caused Hamlet to undergo thoughts of suicide, moments of loneliness and self-doubt.

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The idea that Hamlet is mad centers around the fact that he talks to the ghost of his dead father.

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In the play Hamlet, William Shakespeare proposed two kinds of men.In Hamlet, by William Shakespeare, the death of a character becomes a frequent event.