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We are accustomed to using fossil fuels as our central source of energy for everyday uses.Focused on energy efficiency and conservation, renewable energy sources and combined heat and power.Prof. C Comp. 1-Research Paper 7 Nov. 2008 Within the next few years, one can expect to see a vast change in the way that mankind harnesses energy.The Sustainability Case for Community Power: Empowering Communities Through Renewable Energy.By investing in alternative energy sources such as photovoltaic energy, wind power, and biofuels we improve our economy.

Thus, exploring alternative forms of energy so as to decrease our dependency on non-renewable forms of energy and consequently save the environment, has become more important than ever before.This phenomenon is called the Hubbert peak theory also known as peak oil.

Fossil fuels, like coal and oil take the earth thousands of years to reproduce so an effective alternate energy source must be explored.The advancement of technology today is opening new doors in the energy field that are likely to change the way we think about energy.

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There are at present 27 operating wind turbines in Victoria, 14 at Codrington near Warrnambool, 1 on the Bellarine Peninsula, and 12 at Toora here, in South Gippsland.

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The Political Economy of Intellectual Property in the Emerging Alternative Energy Market.

If you choose to use information obtained from our essays, it is your responsibility to cite it.Alternative energy is not to be confused with renewable energy.Natural gas is considered a fossil fuel because it is found in coal seams, shale rocks and other rock formation.The amount of energy distributed by one gas station in one day is equal to the amount of energy that four Manhattan size city blocks of solar equipment produces.However, this is becoming a major problem due to the decreasing amount of fossil fuel available to the world.However, these changes do not only paved for modernization and development, but it has also paved for the environmental crisis that the world is now facing (Bodley, 2008).There is no way one can argue that fossil fuels will be okay because they are just adding to the pollution that has already accumulated.

Fossil fuels which is the fuel used by many countries is damaging the earth and has to be switched to a better alternative, such as the hydrogen economy.These alternatives were too expensive, there was not enough time, and more energy was put in to produce than it produced, or it was an underdeveloped idea.

Persuasive Speech: We Must Use Alternative Power Sources Instead of Nuclear Energy.This movement was started by environmentalist with the aim to enlighten the damage we are causing on the Earth.Solar energy reduces the emission of greenhouse gases, like carbon dioxide, and also reduce the dependence on the fossil fuels.

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Thus, people often do not have enough money to afford the installation of solar panels.At 100 feet (30 meters) or more aboveground, they can take advantage of the faster and less turbulent wind.However, government subsidies and other measures are likely to reduce said costs, and the problem of free space is also in the process of resolving.The Victorian government has designed on installing 2000 megawatts of energy production by 2010, which is the equivalent of 1200 to 1500 wind turbines.In addition, nuclear power is and will be an important factor in combating atmospheric increases in CO2 and maintaining economic strength.

This is only one disadvantage of these coastal wind farms, as there are many difficulties that have contributed to these projects.The electrolysis process consumes more energy than it produces.This is a good process because it does not contaminate the environment.Solar energy system is the new source of energy used in most of the developed countries.Some technologies are moving forward into more green products by making them solar powered.We are also running out of crude oil, a non-renewable resource.Consequently, this does not result in the annihilation of ecosystems, as witnessed in the extraction of fossil fuels.Second, it was necessary to understand how electricity systems are organized and regulated and why this impacts development of energy storage.

Our society must prepare now to utilize an alternate source for its fuel.There are many advantages and disadvantages to hydropower, though there are more advantages.The second problem is the expensive cost of making a reliable fuel cell that would provide electric power in a hydrogen car.It is still extremely efficient, for example a golf ball sized lump of uranium can fuel a nuclear powered submarine for 13,700 leagues or 66144 kilometres.According to the Department of Energy it will only lower oil prices less than fifty cents.The Economics of Renewable Energy Geoffrey Heal NBER Working Paper No. 15081 June 2009 JEL No.The most renewable energy is solar energy, energy coming directly from sunlight.

Nuclear Energy: The Only Way To Meet Our Electrical Energy Needs.Aside from being cheap, solar engergy is abundent, it is an endless renewable resource.Increased employment means less people relying on the government which would lower taxes and, in turn, allow Americans to keep more of their money.The paper also identifies significant barriers to sustainable energy in the U.S, including increased natural gas production and the approaching end of some federal sustainable energy incentive programs.

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International Conference on Renewable Energy Research and Applications, ICRERA-2017.A kilogram of hydrogen produces the same amount of energy as a gallon of gas. 1 gallon of gas is equal to about 8.35 pounds and I kilogram is equal to 2 pounds.How do dispose of it properly with out harming the environment is tricky.Title Visual Text Category Select question category Questions Writing Assignments Planning and Organization Research Style Grammar and Punctuation Other Tag Your Email Your Name.