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We tried prohibition with alcohol, and that failed miserably.But these arguments to criminalize the use of marijuana are rather vague and unproven.

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PS lols i started postin this before you posted the thing sayin it had to only be 5 paragraphs, my bad, hopefully this is some decent feedback anyway.

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Legalize medical marijuana essay on marijuana research paper cons of americans.

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Religious Use: Some religions instruct their followers to use marijuana.

Whatr inspired me to do this article, is because i think marijuana is somthing that should stay illegal.And I look forward to your insightful feedback Paleo, once your in the mood.

If you are writing an essay or giving a speech, you should carefully consider these arguments and make them your main focus.

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Alcohol also intoxicates the drinker, which brings higher probability of vehicular accidents.Education and treatment are better ways to address the problem.It is ironic that the given effects of marijuana to the users that made it illegal are synonymous to the effects of alcohol and tobacco, yet they are legal.Some say prohibition serves no purpose, and others say it is a violation of our liberty to ban something harmless to others.Topic Sentence that supports the thesis: Making Marijuana legal will save the U.S. government and the average tax payer a lot of money.

We recommend: 1) Good essay writing service, 2) Nice essay writing guide, 3) Legitimate service Write Force for custom essays.Just like Christianity and Judaism instruct their followers to drink wine on certain occaisions, some Hindus, Buddhists, Rastafarians, and members of other religions use marijuana as part of their spiritual and religious ceremonies.Government surveys indicate that senior high school students admit that getting marijuana as easy as ordering hamburgers and fries in the counter.The Bush administration would still pursue the act of reprimanding doctors for helping patients obtain pot (AP Worldstream, 2003, david kravets).The New York Times made history this month by becoming the first major national paper to call for the repeal of marijuana prohibition in an op-ed by the Times.The Option in Legalizing Marijuana on - In the US states of Oregon and Alaska, online marketplace for students.

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Proper education and treatment are much better ways to address the problem.Legalization of marijuana argumentative essay - Professionally crafted and custom academic writings.

The government should not tell individuals what to do as long as they do not harm others.They feel that they are so stressed with classes that they need a way to calm their nerves before a big test.SUMMARY: Individuals deserve the right to decide whether or not they should use marijuana.Therefore, the reasons given to criminalize marijuana are just common thinking that are actually unjustified.It ended the nausea and helped her eat and actually keep her food down.In addition, if marijuana were legal, the government would be able to collect taxes on it, and would have a lot more money to pay for effective drug education programs and other important causes.

We should be able to learn our lesson and stop repeating the same mistake.

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Imagine this: One day, you found out your mother was very sick.We could save billions of dollars every year as a nation if we stop wasting money locking people up for having marijuana.Since it has been prohibited, the use of marijuana has been on a steady incline.She then tried marijuana, she smoked it, not a lot of it obviously, but It helped her tremendously.Legalize Marijuana The myths about marijuana are endless and almost all are, false.

Check out our legalizing marijuana legalization essay and use it for your.Patients that have used marijuana say it relieves pain, stimulates appetite and wards off nausea.As you can see, the government takes a very different stance on marijuana compared to logical reasoning.