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Different Cannabis Strains

You shall find cannabis in three main strains. You shall hear of so many other strains, which can confuse you a lot. But for all those differences, they all come down to these three strains; indica, sativa, and hybrid.

As more and more info spreads about cannabis, and the legalization process continues rolling out, customers are finding it easier to understand what they are consuming. Initially, you had to make do with what you got. But now there are dispensaries, both online and physical, where you can select what you needed. You therefore need to know more about it to make the right decision. You will have cannabis as something to achieve the desired effects. Imagine smoking marijuana to relax only to end up charged, highly active and feeling creative. Here are some important differences between the strains.

Indica strains come from the indica plant, which originates from the Hindu Kush section of the Himalayas. You will see them with short and stout frames and broad leaves. They contain high levels of THC, which makes them potent. They can also have high CBD content. Consuming it makes you feel lethargic and relaxed. You shall find it especially useful when you are facing chronic pain, anxiety, muscle spasm, or nausea. This is best taken at night.

Sativa happens to be the taller and lankier opposite. It shall also achieve harvesting levels much later. Considering it gives you a head high, you are better off taking it in the day. You shall thus become more alert, creative and focused, highly energized and motivated, and less anxious and depressed.

Hybrid strains are a mix of the two. These strains are made when you desire to get some of the qualities in either strain. The dominant qualities shall be due to the concentration levels either way.

You shall come looking for marijuana when you need to attain a given state of mind. At the same time, how you are affected by a given strain differs from how someone else will. Hybrids shall have milder reactions when you look at what the other strains are capable of. This is why most people prefer to start experimenting with the hybrids before moving to either direction. Hybrids shall give you a more balanced effect, and shall be easier to tolerate by most beginners. This is much safer for a beginner.

After receiving so much info about cannabis, you come to understand that you can use it for more than simply relieving stress and anxiety. Different strains have different uses, as per your intentions with them. You therefore need to know what you are buying before you use it. There is more to it than what we used to think.
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