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DBQ Essays Introduction The. and social causes of the French Revolution affected the people of France and the outside.

The economic problems created by the French kings also contributed to the Revolution.However, the most serious problem was the problem facing the government during this time.However, this movement brought confusion among its followers since it was banned twice by the government and its members were all imprisoned.The political discontent of France was one of the causes of the Revolution.Read Causes of the French Revolution of 1789 free essay and over 87,000 other research documents.A large sum of money was also spent on palaces, entertainment and gifts by the kings of France.Their goals were to expose and destroy the inequalities of the ancient regime (old order).Before the Revolution, France had been involved in many expensive wars, especially the American War of Independence, causing financial difficulties and debts which were increased through the expensive upkeep of the Royal Family and their courts.

The citizens freed all the prisoners that were put in jail under the hated Louis XVI, and marched their way through the streets, heading next to Versailles, where the King was staying.King Louis XIV was also incapable of using his powers in a way to spark fear and gain control of those under his power.It was his loss of public opinion and war spending that put his grandson in such a precarious position in the years after his reign.Before we analyze what factor most influenced the start of the French Revolution, it must be acknowledged that although many factors had a role in the outbreak of the Revolution, not all factors were equally responsible.

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The first two estates worked together to outvote the large third estate to keep them from becoming a threat to the power.

The ideas of the intellectuals of the Enlightenment brought new views to government and society.

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The third estate held very little land compared to the amount of people it had.He also highlighted the fact that several philosophers at the time offered something interesting for readers in every society class and this in the long run made it possible for political inquire to diffuse at the time when there was the quarrel between the Americans and England ongoing.These attributes made the French think differently than before and eventually made them react and fight for their own rights.Registered office: Venture House, Cross Street, Arnold, Nottingham, Nottinghamshire, NG5 7PJ.

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Louis XVI tried to reform the taxation system but the nobility and the clergy refused to accept the new reforms.

He used biting wit as a weapon to expose the abuses of his day.By all means, this show to the extend Montesquieu was influenced by the English system.

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France had been at war for nearly 50 years out of the previous one hundred years.Later on, printers started to alter parts of it in order to avoid attacks from the church and state.Voltaire is the one most influenced by the English system, especially after he visited the country himself.

The French government borrowed much money to pay for the wars of Louis XIV.Rousseau believed that people are basically good but become corrupted by society.

Economics also played an important role in the French Revolution.Causes of the French Revolution essaysThe French Revolution (circa 1788-1799).

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City workers were angry because their wages were not enough to buy goods when prices were going up rapidly.These costs greatly increased the national debt, which was, at the time, already too high.Essays causes of the french revolution Grommell July 24, 2016.July 7 l poor causes, and valley which would cause and social structure an.

In an ideal society, people would make the laws and would obey them willingly.Causes of the French Revolution On July 14, 1789, several starving working people of Paris and sixty soldiers seized control of the Bastille, forever changing the.

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However, he emphasized that during their lives, men are somehow everywhere in chains, and by this phrase, he wanted to instill the fact that only a small proportion of the population are privileged and accustomed to certain rights, while the majority are enslaved not literally but indirectly through the imposition of several taxes and deprivation of rights.Montesquieu, 1689-1755, whose influence was greater, in terms of politics, than that or Voltaire, aimed at reducing the prowess of the monarch.The Enclyopedists were also great intellectual influences in the eighteenth century.Causes of french revolution essay - select the service, and our professional writers will accomplish your task excellently Proofreading and proofediting services from.Parts of the Encyclopedie were even smuggled secretly among its members.