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Minority discrimination basically implies the rights of the minority are withheld and not recognized.This is blatant discrimination against people of different sexual orientation.In Romans, The Bible speaks strongly against great wickedness.

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Despite many problems associated with marriage these days, there is no other social concept.In the early 1900s, women got married at very early ages, mostly as soon as they reached puberty and from the ages of fifteen.

Argumentative Essay About Same Sex Marriage. Same sex marriage is known as a marriage between two persons of the same biological sex or gender.Argumentative essay on Same Sex marriage Marriage has been a part of life since before the medieval times.

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Marriage was meant to last a lifetime and, thus, divorce was not an option.This page is designed to show you how to write a research project on the topic you see to the left.

Opponents of same-sex marriage argue that the concept is oxymoronic.The decision whom to marry solely belongs to the individuals in question and the state cannot interfere in exercise of such choice.This paper will address some of the issues surrounding gay marriage.Indeed, the duty of the state is to determine and safe guard the sanctity of marriage.Same sex marriage happens when two people belonging to the same gender marry.However, same sex couples also pay tax as everybody, so they have tha right to receive the same benefit with others.

Nowadays, many gay couples have come out and expressed their sexuality choices.Therefore, it is necessary for the state to draw a clear line between religious arguments against same-sex marriages and legal arguments.Marriage, they say, must involve a man and a woman because (1) that is the definitional.The conception of equality in the two cases is defined on the basis of denial of the same right to different individuals, such that, opposite-sex couples would be allowed to marry, while same-sex couples will be denied the same right (Kotulsk 95-125).In all fifty two states, it is illegal to try to marry more than one person.The freedom of an individual to choose the partner they want to spend their lives with is a fundamental right that is enshrined in the freedom of choice.May 21, 2014 at 10:54am Hey if anyone has time and would like can you read my research paper and tell me what you think below.Secondly, same-sex marriages will have a detrimental effect on children.

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Many young single women, therefore, entered the paid workforce, with their new form of independence they could play an important role in creation of a new urban sexual culture.Many people believe that the same sex marriage should not be legalized because it goes against the moral and the definition of marriage.However, some of these elements started to change as the roles of women began to revolve in the society.Firstly, legalizing same-sex marriages present a direct attack to the institution of marriage as is traditionally.Indeed, while the churches are the most recognized avenues for conducting marriages, the law does not bestow this duty primarily on these churches, and therefore, no church will be forced to marry same-sex couples or recognize same-sex couples in the context of their religious beliefs.

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According to the National Institutes of Health (2009), girls who are raised apart from their father are reportedly at higher risk for early sexual activities.

Introduction In the existing provisions of international law, the definition of marriage has been given as the union of two individuals of the opposite sex.It raises questions of family structure, gender roles, justice and equality, which are inextricable from the institution of marriage.The Way Forward Indeed having considered all the reasons for legalization of same-sex marriages it turns to be that positive resolution of the issue will bring much more benefit to the society.For a child being raised by a same-sex couple, the underlying concern is the fact that they live in a family that is not recognized by the law.The legal or socially recognized marriage between two people of the same sex, Gay Marriage, has been a controversy that has been.Department of Public Health (SJC-08860), a case heard in the Supreme Judicial Court (SJC) of the.

As always, the main focus in this argument has been forgotten.Marriage has been defined in the American dictionary as an institution where.Homosexuals may be looked down upon by society, but they still are humans and have morals. These.And all of us ask ourselves if same - sex marriage should be legal or not.Currently, there are no programs that give homosexuals survivor benefits like the ones that are provided for heterosexuals who are married or divorced.Gays and lesbians are not the only people to be denied the right to marry the person of their choosing.Center for Inquiry, November 2007 1 SAME-SEX MARRIAGEā€”AND MARRIAGE Hamlet.

The due process clause is designed to look back and consider whether an existing and accepted practice with sufficient generality is being violated by the claimed practice.This does not any way impinge on the beliefs and rights of those who do not accept same-sex unions.It is the union of man and woman to the exclusion of all others for eternity.The report cites estimates that gay couples and single parents are raising almost two million American children (Barlow). In the U.S. twenty-two states currently allow single homosexuals to adopt and twenty one states currently allow gay and lesbian couples to adopt (Barlow).The benefits recognized in the Vermont Law provide a clear argument as to why same-sex couples want to be married under the law.

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They should have their freedom to choose the lives they want to live.It is further facilitated by the necessity to separate the church from the state in order to exclude moral judgments from the analysis of this social importance.Distinction between the success of cases brought on equal protection clause and those brought on due process clause highlight the fundamental differences between the two provisions of the American constitution.

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In conclusion, legalizing same-sex marriages is a step towards acceptance and recognition that marriage is a universal right that belongs to each and every human being.Marriage can provide families with true equality, so please stand for the same sex marriages as marriage equality.Although many people are against the legalization of same sex marriage, the same sex marriage should be legalized because it is their civil rights which is a separate institution with religious, it encoutages strong family value and leads to the increasing number of child adoption, and the same sex marriage also brings a lot of financial benefits.However, the continued recognition of gays and lesbians, calls for a review in the law in order to recognize the fundamental rights that they are entitled to as humans beings.

Thirdly, denying same-sex marriages amounts to minority discrimination.While due process protects traditions, equal protection safeguards against such traditions.These privacy protections were interpreted by the court leading to implicit due process of all before the law.Many people believe that same sex marriage should not be legalized because it goes against the moral and their definition of marriage.However, we must look at this issue from the outlook of a homosexual, so we may understand both sides of the controversies that are in our world today.

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Although, some say that including culture or religion in politics affects the decision of the government whether to legalize gay marriage.Joe Solmonese argues that legalized gay marriage would reduce tax used on public assistance programs.The courts have handled cases involving gay rights and the decisions have involved constitutional interpretation of the guarantees of equality of all in the eyes of the law.