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This video will utilize the Japanese writing system of Kanji, Furigana and.HWARANG DO - Way of the Flowering Manhood, a code of ethnics and a fighting system followed by the Samurai.Although pine wood and bamboo are sometimes used, hardwood such as red or white oak is the favored material for a bo staff.A dojo is considered to be a special place and must be treated with respect.LAO TSU - Legendary sage in Chinese history, credited with founding the principles of Taoism.DOJO - Training place or hall, used for the practice of Japanese Martial Arts.HOP GAR - Style of Kung Fu which became prominent during the Ching Dynasty of China.Sports term papers (paper 18846) on Japanese Martial Arts: The Martial Arts of Japan The martial arts have influenced Japan in many ways.

It is a Japanese word for the Samurai life and is loosely based on the concept of chivalry.

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It was the foreruner of traditonal french boxing, called La Boxe Francaise, used in Paris by the underworld.FU JOW PAI - Tiger Claw, system of Kung Fu, developed at the Sholin Temple.Jodan refers to strikes aimed above the shoulders of an opponent.ROKUSHAKUBO - Okinawan six foot staff or pole made from oak or simular hardwood.

It is practiced as self-defense training and as a sport in its own right.GULAT - Type of wrestling found in Jave, greatly influenced by Sumo Wrestling.Ho Oo Ryu presents a tutorial on the Japanese Martial Arts directional terms.The mythical Dragon symbolizes the spirit and teaches agility and flexablility.

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It is a very fast style of kung fu, which legend states to have been banned at the shaolin temple after bok mie killed a fellow student in a fight.It is popularly seen in the kung fu styles of Wing Chun and Hung Gar, but other styles have adopted it.

Milwaukee Shobukan is a traditional Japanese martial arts dojo focusing on the practice of Aikido.The lighter material makes it easier for the karateka to practice.A member of a class of medieval Japanese mercenary agents who were trained in the martial arts and hired for covert.It is a switchblade knife that is opened by a downward wrist action and is much favored by escrima and kali fighters.JUTTE - Single tined or Pronged Iron Truncheon, used by the early japanese police force.

It is a form of full contact, stand-up karate and has approximately 12 million practitioners worldwide.This page contains a comprehensive glossary of Japanese terminology used in judo, jujitsu and other martial arts.

Ai-yotsu: Same grip used by both persons, either right or left:.HORSE STANCE - Basic stance, resembling that of a horse rider.KALARIPAYIT - Indian system of martial training, of which two styles exsist, the Northern and Southern.GOJU-KAI - Offshoot of Goju-Ryu Karate, founded bye a student of Miyagi named Gogen Yamaguchi.ENGLISH (1) One (2) Position or Posture. 10TH DEGREE BLACK BELT. 2 people meeting in a Japanese-style match.An obi is part of a Japanese martial arts exercise outfit and is basically a belt made from thick cotton.ELBOW - Close quarter weapon used in almost all martial arts stystems.CHI - Internal energy, the universal force which is harnessed through a series of special breathing exercises called Chi-Kung or Gung.

HSING 1 - Chinese martial art created by the great warrior, Yueh Fei.CHUAN-FA - Chinese term meaning Way of the Fist, correct term for Kung Fu.

It is also a dance in which the fighting is hidden, devised after the spanish banned the martial arts.There are four major martial arts families in Guancheng town.BOK HOK PAI - Chinese system of kung fu based upon the mannerisms of the white crane.When autoplay is enabled, a suggested video will automatically play next.Therefore, we are providing you with the key words, numbers and commands used by different martial arts styles.KALI - Super shout or yell in Japanese Martial Arts, emitted when applying a technique to add extra power and stun an opponent.The single tine at the hilt of the weapon enables the user to trap a Katana ( Sword ) without being injured by the blade.Japanese Martial Arts refer to the variety of martial arts native to the country of Japan.

Japanese martial arts have been influenced by Chinese martial arts.HAPKIKO - Korean Martial Art involving many difficult kicks, but also utilizing locks and holds.ZANSHIN - State of mind cultivated in many Japanese Martial Arts.