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The Switched On Brain: Describes studies that are using light waves in the brain to cure psychiatric diseases.

Investigation of importance of brand and reliability in automotive industry, with specific focus on Toyota.What attributes are preferred by customers for online search, purchasing and comparison.

There is a misconception that branding is the same as marketing, but it can be distinguished on the basis of the former being one of the fundamentals of marketing strategy.Sibling partnership: Strategies for managing different work patterns harmoniously.Looking forward some more articles based on science and technology.Below, you will find many questions, ideas, links, research, and videos to get you started on your research essay and ideas for how to write about technology from different perspectives, including.However, you would need a narrow and specific focus for a Ph.D. along with specific areas of learning you would be examining.

An Investigation into the Negative Effects of Social Media and the Challenges it creates in Crisis Management.This dissertation looks at successful sibling partnerships in several industries - an estate agency, a manufacturing company, and a nursing home - and determines the factors that build harmony.For successful branding, there should be truthfulness and clarity in every phase through interaction with customers, which will in turn help to improve the value and brand perception of a company.

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ABSTRACT An abstract of the dissertation of Robert Edward Grist for the Doctor of Philosophy in Public Administration and Policy presented June 19, 2007.It was estimated that in 2009 India was estimated to have 3.3 million NGOs operating, with varying degrees of monitoring and control.

Further, it considers corporate environments where such creative deviance is tolerated or positioned within the corporate structure, such as technology firms.How direct marketing help the organisations in maintaining good relationship with customers.

International business management dissertation can take a lot of input from you. The Top 10 topics for your dissertation on international business management.A course in information and communications technology combines the educational theory and practice to create a learning experience that enables the development of skills that can be applied to complicated real-world problems.Branding provides companies a competitive edge over the rest of the organizations and has proved to be a very popular topic for research among both undergraduate and postgraduate students.MBA dissertation becomes focus of attention of students in their last semester year.PLz help me by responding immediately on this.am running out of time.

Thereafter interviews with staff, HR and the shopping public results in perceptions of value being attached to the titles given.Entrepreneurial management in family-owned businesses: An examination of strategies in Northern India.